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Worm Castings are nature's fertilizer

Worm castings are a waste product produced by a specific breed of worms. They contain a highly active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients critical for plant growth and soil rejuvenation.

Our worm castings are produced locally by our own worm farm right here in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Because it's locally sourced, you know what you're getting is a consistently great product that doesn't degrade with long shipping storage times. You get fresh worm castings with the quickest production to delivery time available.

100% Natural. 100% Epic

What do the experts say about worm castings?

We think Worm Castings are pretty great but don't take our word for it, see what other plant experts are saying!

What is the best way to use Worm Castings effectively?

Worm Castings are as versatile as they are beneficial for your plants

There is no absolute correct way to use your worm castings and don't you let anyone tell you differently. Some common ways we've seen are listed for reference but we love hearing the creative ways our customers have found to incorporate our worm castings into their plant health routines


Top Dressing Soil

Apply the worm castings right on top of the plants as a fertilizer. No mixing required. Your plants with thank you


Worm Casting Tea

Mixing Worm Castings with water allows the microbes to multiply and deliver nutrients and protection to plants


Amend Potting Mix

Mix worm castings in with your potting mix soil before planting to give your seedlings a head start.


Revive Tired Soil

Don't throw out old soil! Add a few shovelfuls to a pile of tired and depleted soil and watching it return to life

Hear What Our Clients Say

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George Owens

My plants are loving the worm castings and I am loving what the worm castings are doing for my plants. My garden has never grown so much. My neighbors are so grateful for all the fresh produce because there is way too much for me to use!

Max Tanner

If you're a propagator like I am then you need these worm castings! My plants are growing like crazy and I love having so much green around the house!

Kim Wexler

You will love what this does to your flower beds. I love all the compliments I'm getting on my tulips!

Billy Jackson

These worm castings are nothing short of miraculous. I've had a stubborn patch in my lawn for the past 3 years. Every year I try everything I can to get it to stop dying but this year was the lucky year! I'm so grateful I found these worm castings and can enjoy a green lawn this summer!

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